How Do I Get My SRB Army? Find Out the Answer Here

Wondering, “how do I get my SRB Army report”? Simply follow the steps below, and you’ll obtain the document in no time.

Have you mastered the steps on “how do I get my SRB Army,” or do you need some guidance on how to do so? The following guide will provide you with a helpful walkthrough in a step-by-step manner so you can obtain your SRB quickly.

How Do I Get My SRB Army
How Do I Get My SRB Army

The SRB or Soldier Record Brief is a single-page document that provides summarized information about military personnel. In a way, you can see it as a resume. SRB is commonly used interchangeably with Enlisted Records Brief (ERB) or Officer Record Brief (ORB).

So, whether you are curious about how I get my SRB Army, ERB, or ORB report, you can follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website of the United States Army Human Resources Command (HRC) at
  • Log into your account by using:
    • Your military’s Common Access Card (CAC), or
    • Your DS Logon account
  • Open the navigation menu.
  • Choose the ‘Reserve / Retiree / Veteran Record’ option on the page’s upper left.
  • Open the navigation menu again, select ‘Documents’ and wait until the page displays a list of documents.
  • Locate the Enlisted Records Brief (ERB) or Officer Record Brief (ORB) on the list.
  • Simply click the link to access the document.
  • Click the download icon to obtain the record as a PDF file.
  • Save the SRB document file in the preferred location within your device.

So, that’s the complete guide to answer your question about “how do I get my SRB Army.” The steps are easy to follow, you just need to make sure to perform each step correctly, and you won’t encounter any problem obtaining the report. However, if you face an unexpected issue, you may reach the administrative officer or the unit administrator.