What is a SRB Army? Here’s What It Means and How It Started

The SRB provides summarized information about Army personnel in a simplified and modernized way. Learn more about What is a SRB Army.

Whether you are a currently active military member or veteran, there’s a great chance that you are familiar with or at least have heard of the SRB. What is a SRB Army? The Soldier Record Brief (SRB) is a report with multiple components that provides brief or summarized information about a soldier’s military career. It was set to be the standardized version to replace the Enlisted Record Brief (ERB) and Officer Record Brief (ORB).

What is a SRB Army
What is a SRB Army

You may wonder why it is essential to understand What is a SRB Army. It is important because the SRB plays a major role in the IPPS-A (Integrated Personnel and Pay System‐Army) Release 1, which was designed to be the multiservice system for Army personnel as well as payment information.

Initially, the template of SRB was available on the website of the IPPS-A. The development of this report itself started alongside the first release of IPPS-A, which dated back in early 2012. At that point, the goal was to release a one-page record for the entire active duty, enlisted officers, reservists, and National Guard members.

The report becomes the result of the attempts and showcases how the personnel data of the Army can be compressed into a single brief document. The SRB then would be provided for the Soldiers, leaders, and human resources professionals, as it makes an immense part of the IPPS-A to help manage the pay, promotion, awards, evaluations, and much other information about the Soldier.

The capacity to handle all the mentioned information above through safe and secure online-based access is pivotal in terms of Army Human Resources management. The system of IPPS-A has become a critical player in allowing human resources professionals to provide better services.

By now, you have a better grasp of what is the SRB Army, what the report aims, and the history behind its development. Understanding the document more will allow you to make the most out of the report for your benefit.

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